Posted by: Basil | May 4, 2010

Its a Neuo world!

NEUO transfers Spiritual thought waves to material brain waves.

YOU are a spirit with a mind attached to a body with a brain

GOD is the spirit of love. Satan is the spirit of sin.  All living creatures big and small, insects and animals, people and all, choose a thought of love or sin.

AURA transfers sensation (feelings) from the body to the mind.

Nerve. One end of a nerve is the Neuron and the other end is a muscle

Mind. One thought from the mind operates a neuron in the brain via the Neuo

Neuo. Every thought wave is converted separately to an electrical brain wave.

Spirit. Within the Spirit there is a similar part that matches every neuron in the brain. As the mind thinks of operating a muscle in the body, then every thought from the mind goes to the spirit, and then to the neuron within the brain.